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Night's Caress Purest Delight!

"Mary Hughes [has a] way of bringing her story and characters to life and her way of drawing you into the story and not letting go." ~Kitty Angel, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Billionaire Ever After USA Today Bestseller!

Includes Bad Boy Billionaire's Lady

Passion Bites RT Reviews Top Pick!

"A must-read!" ~Alexandra Kay, RT Reviews

GP PDHeart Mates Top Pick!

"I loved the book! […] Be ready for a wild and adventurous story." ~DebA, Night Owl Reviews

GP PDBOM LASRAssassins Bite Purest Delight! LASR Book of the Month!

"Sex that is off the wall" ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"I recommend reading this with a fan and ice water, because this one is hot enough to melt the screen of any device." ~ Foxglove, Long and Short Reviews

GP PDBOM LASRDownbeat Purest Delight! LASR Book of the Month!

"Laugh-out-loud funny with lots of romance and bit of intrigue, hot vampires and just the thing to read to get over the “after the holiday’s” doldrums." ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures

 "Made me laugh out loud, brought me to tears, and made me sigh at the more than happy ending. I highly recommend." ~ Foxglove, LASR

Beauty Bites Recommended ReadBeauty Bites Recommended Read!

"What do you get when you combine a smart, sexy, shy doctor with a smoking hot, sensual ad-exec who’s darkness needs a little “sunshine”? One smart, witty, humorous story that will put joy in your heart, a smile on your face, and make your body snap, crackle and pop in all the right places, which is exactly howMary Hughes’ latest release Beauty Bites will leave you feeling.  :)" ~AJ for Blackraven's Reviews

AJ RREdie and the CEO Recommended Read!

"Edie and the CEO by Mary Hughes is a pure delight. The dialogue is fresh, fun, and wittyand the love is so endearing that it will make your heart sing…Bravo Ms. Hughes!" ~AJ for Blackraven's Reviews

Biting Oz Purest DelightBiting Oz Purest Delight!

"this is my favorite of the Biting Series by Mary Hughes. Maybe because I grew up with the Wizard of Oz and absolutely love the original movie or maybe is was Junior and Glynn. I’m not really sure, but, this book was fabulous!" ~ Reviewed by Kitty Angel for Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

BMS Recommended ReadBiting Me Softly Recommended Read!

"Biting Me Softly is a sensational read that I could not put down! Mary Hughes brings it to the mat with this fantastic book…Logan, simply gives me chills with his electric sizzle and his “alpha” Vampire personae. He likes to be in charge, but when he meets up with Liese, let the battles begin. There is no way to say who will end up on top. " ~ Reviewed by Deb for Dark Diva Reviews

FAR RRThe Bite of Silence Recommended Read!

"Twyla is quirky, snarky, intriguing, and hilarious…deliciously sexy vampire Nikos (a man who left this reader decidedly dehydrated from all the drooling) and then goldenly, gorgeous Klaus soon after certainly sealed the deal and made it a for sure winner…I love Ms. Hughes' sense of the irreverent and think that her skill grows with each story she pens. " ~ Reviewed by Hayley for Fallen Angel Reviews

Biting Nixie Recommended ReadBiting Nixie Recommended Read!

“…Filled with bitingly acerbic humor, endearingly quirky characters, and smolderingly hot vampires Biting Nixie kept me enthralled from the opening salvo…Mary Hughes is a talented writer and in my opinion has a bright future in the field…” ~Reviewed by Hayley for Fallen Angel Reviews

JRBite My Fire Joyfully Recommended!

"Bite My Fire is a truly irresistible read I didn’t want to end.  Ms. Hughes made me laugh, made me blush, and swept me away for hours upon hours of enjoyment with this fabulous tale.  Joyfully Recommended!" ~Reviewed by Shayna for Joyfully Reviewed

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